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Mental Health in the Covid-19 Global Pandemic Process

During this global pandemic of COVID-19 we are experiencing, it is known that precautions should be taken regarding mental health as well as precautions to be taken regarding physical and biological health. Getting to know concerns about being taken ill and the negative feelings that come along with the quarantine process and knowing the precautions that can be taken will provide the person with his/her own support in this uncertainty.

       In this process we experience, the very first of the expected mental difficulties is the emergence of concerns about getting ill and causing our relatives to get ill. It is firstly to be said that emergence of such concerns are comprehensible and it is important for the person to know that he or she does not have a mental problem. The limit that we think is necessary to get support for these concerns is when the person realizes that functionality in his or her daily life begins to deteriorate. That means, if a person frequently feels the concerns about these in his or her daily routine, if he or she has difficulties in doing their daily tasks because of these concerns, if he or she thinks that the precautions he/she takes are much more than the suggestions of healthcare professionals or if he or she extremely feels compelling emotions such as increase in their concern and guilt thinking that he or she cannot take adequate precautions, then this person should take mental support about the situation.

       Another of the mental difficulties that can be experienced is the difficulties in coping with the negative emotions created by the quarantine process. It is expected to feel one or more of the negative emotions such as fear, guilt, irritability, sadness, and distraction. The problems such as limitation of our social life, not being able to predict when this process will be over, disruption of our routines such as going to school or work, the risk of going to the hospital as a result of any health problem can concern us and reduce our mental resilience. Again, the status of feeling these comprehensible emotions and trying to cope with them should be considered normal by the person. The time necessary to receive mental support for all these feelings, should be times when it is felt that functionality begins to deteriorate. When the person realizes that he or she cannot cope with these feelings, it will be useful to consult a specialist definitely.

       We care about the psychological health of all of our students and staff during COVID-19 global pandemic process. In this regard, in addition to their ongoing meetings, psychological support is provided by the psychological support unit of our university on the online platform for all students and staff who need it due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.