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Distance Education Activities

Our live classroom resource has been increased by strengthening the Learning Management System (LMS) used in our university.

Two alternatives are presented to our instructors in order for the courses to be taught synchronously: Adobe Connect and Microsoft Teams.

In each of our courses, synchronous lessons were assuredly provided, in addition to this, courses were supported with asynchronous lesson recordings and resource sharing.

Interaction with students is not only provided via live course portals. At the same time, we made efforts to ensure that interaction with forums, wikis and practice applications in our LMS system continues throughout the day.

Using the learning management system which was already active before this period of time made it easier for our students to adaptate.

LMS portal provides homework and examination modules. Our academicians were able to create a question bank for the courses they wanted, and set the time and date range to perform exams. In addition to that, our academicians could also carry out the evaluations of presentations and projects in their live courses.

Commission members from all faculties and vocational schools were elected for this process and they were initially trained about the use of synchronous course portals and learning management system. Our commission members supported the academicians of faculty and department on the issues they needed throughout the semester.

User guides for our students and instructors were formed on our web page, and what can be viewed without logging into the system has also been shared on the web page.

A guide was created about the exam and homework modules for the learning management system, and synchronous homework and exam module trainings were organized for each faculty in case questions specific needs of the faculty might arise.The continuity of all the trainings through online platforms is cared for as of the requirement of the process.