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Rector's Message


Dear Students,

Within the scope of Coronavirus precautions, Haliç University will continue education and training via Haliç-X system dating from March 23, 2020 by considering the risks that Our Students and Academic Staff may be exposed to.

As a part of our university's digital transformation strategy, we are making our already existing distance education system cover all our courses by this means. In our Distance Education Commission, which was established for this purpose, all our representatives from Faculty, Vocational School and Vocational School of Higher Education and our Technical Teams have brought it to a usable point by working consistently for perfecting the system and making its extent to include our entire University. We are focusing our attention on making the system more user-friendly with each passing day from now onward.

You will be able to attend all your courses online by entering the distance education tab on our website from March 23, 2020. And also we will be announcing your new syllabus prepared according to conditions of distance education on our website. You will be able to reach the contents about your courses such as notes, presentations, videos etc. via the moodle (learning management system) system. Our Students and Academicians can reach the Haliç-X teaching management system with their usernames and passwords of automation which they already have.

Online sessions of our courses will be held in Adobe Connect system predominantly. Our Students and Academicians will be able to have their courses in an interactive platform with audio and video as in the physical environment by coming together synchronously; at the same time, they will be able to use some interactions such as short surveys, Q&As and making presentations. These courses will also be supported by the learning management system. Assessment and evaluations can be done with the test and homework tools on the platform which includes video, audio, content sharing, discussion forum and some other question types related with the relevant course. Also, instant messaging tools of the system can be used actively in order to enable students to interact with each other and with the instructors of the relevant courses. In addition to these, especially in applied courses, our instructors will be able to use other softwares such as Skype and Zoom optionally. And also, close follow-up of your projects and assignments will be done by your instructors via email.

Our Distance Education Commission works on technical and applicability issues about how the examinations will be done, which is one of the most frequently asked questions to me during this period. We will also inform you about the examination system we are currently establishing as soon as possible.

I especially and kindly ask our students to follow our announcements about Haliç-X via their University emails and thus not to stay out of Digital Haliç and I wish you all success.

Prof.Dr. Zafer Utlu

Haliç University

A. Rector